Sweet "Leens" : Stacy's Supreme Pralines


Individual pieces (Large pieces)

$2 each

(must at least order 10 pieces)

Canisters or Bag/Box (regular pieces)

10 pieces / $10 each

*Canisters are seasonal ...only when in


4 Cupcakes with praline on top

$ 8 per box

8x8 Mini Praline Cake


13x9 Praline Cake



50 mini pieces : $25

100 mini pieces :$50

$200 mini pieces $100

*$1 per piece for regular size pieces*

Are you looking for a sweet treat for your

next engagement?

I've created beautifully, delicious praline

platters for both large and small groups.

My always FRESH and CREAMY pralines melt in

your mouth and will always have you

coming back for more!

Not only do I make pralines, I also bake

pecan filled praline cakes/cupcakes with

praline icing!!!! And yes, it really is all the


Whatever the occasion, I customize the color

of the platter/box/bag or canister for your

event! Just give me a try, I promise you

won't be disappointed!

*due to my full time massage business,

most orders need to be placed 30 days

in advance - some accommodations may be

made on a case-by-case basis*

**Pralines can also be mailed to your

desired location (additional fees apply).**

(I've even shipped to our troops overseas

and various states in the US!)